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500+ Free SLP Backing Materials, Games, Activities, Flashcards, and more!

500+ Free SLP Backing Materials, Games, Activities, Flashcards, and more!

FreeSLP offers tons of virtual SLP materials for the Backing Sound. To help target the Backing sound in the initial, medial, and final positions, we have created Backing Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect 4, Virtual Flashcards, Virtual Progression Cards, Battleship, Spot-It, Candy Land, Soccer, Painting, and more!
To view our all free Backing sound virtual games and materials, click below:

We also have tons of free no-prep downloadable Backing sound materials. Backing sound printables that we currently have include: Backing Flashcards, QR Code Scavenger Hunt, Progression Cards, Spot-It, Word Finds, Tic-Tac-Toe, Bingo, Candy Land, Connect 4, Battleship and more! If you're looking for more engaging ways to teach the Backing sound, hopefully you find these materials helpful!
To view our all free Backing sound virtual games and materials, click below:

Virtual materials to target Backing from the isolation level all the way up to the conversational level! Whether you're targeting sounds at the word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, story, or conversational levels, we have free and engaging speech therapy materials for each!
To view our all free Backing Hierarchy Activities, click below:

  1. Turtle
  2. Telescope
  3. Tiger
  4. Two
  5. Toad
  6. Taco
  7. Tube
  8. Tom
  9. Tim
  10. Tube
  11. Tool
  12. Talk
  13. Time
  14. Tongue
  15. Tub
  16. Treasure
  17. Ticket
  18. Teeth
  19. Teacher
  20. Travel
  21. Trampoline
  22. Tab
  23. Tangerine
  24. Tornado
  25. Top
  26. Tower
  27. Tomato
  28. Toy
  29. Train
  30. Toothbrush
  31. Trophy
  32. Target
  33. Tunnel
  34. Twinkle
  35. Tricycle
  36. Truck
  37. Temple
  38. Tackle
  39. Tadpole
  40. Top
  41. Dabble
  42. Dancer
  43. Dog
  44. Dash
  45. Dazzle
  46. Dice
  47. Deck
  48. Delight
  49. Diamond
  50. Dimple
  51. Dinosaur
  52. Dizzy
  53. Dodge
  54. Dolphin
  55. Donkey
  56. Dot
  57. Dotted
  58. Double
  59. Dance
  60. Drum
  61. Duck
  62. Dune
  63. Dunk
  64. Dusk
  65. Read
  66. Good
  67. Band
  68. Hand
  69. Land
  70. Sand
  71. Wind
  72. Pond
  73. Bend
  74. Blend
  75. Friend
  76. Kind
  77. Mind
  78. Find
  79. Wand
  80. Cold
  81. Gold
  82. Fold
  83. Hold
  84. Bold
  85. Mound
  86. Round
  87. Sound
  88. Send
  89. Trend
  90. Spend
  91. Fund
  92. Stand
  93. Grand
  94. Pound
  95. Brand
  96. Fond
  97. Behind
  98. Cloud
  99. Loud
  100. Proud

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Backing Soccer Shootout

Backing Paint

Backing Spot It

Backing Escape From Dragon's Dungeon

Backing Fish's Flight to Freedom

Backing Witch's Brew

Backing Summer Sundae Dash

Backing Fall Apple Quest

Backing Halloween Candy Chompers

Backing Thanksgiving Treats

Backing Cupid's Valentines Candies

Backing Marshmallows' Mad Dash

Backing Unicorn Artic Derby

Backing Train Track Dash

Backing Space Race

Backing Flashlight Finder

Backing Feed the Bear

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Backing Printables

Target the Backing sounds at the isolation level with 3 different activities: Isolation Animation, Pop the Bubbles, and Click the Button!


Target Backing at the syllable level with our virtual flashcards!


We have three activities for targeting Backing at the word level: 1.) Classic flashcards with initial, medial, final, and mixed sets. 2.) Minimal Pair Sliders 3.) Name the Photos (Have the computer give you feedback on your sound productions!)


Backing phrase flashcards with sets targeting Backing in the initial, medial, final, and mixed positions!


Target Backing at the sentence level with our rotating sentences activity!


Our Backing story is full of Backing target sounds and tongue twisters! Read it yourself or play it out loud and then repeat it back!


We have two ways to target Backing at the conversation level: 1.) Silly story scenes full of Backing target words. 2.) Conversation starter questions.

Backing Virtual Materials

Backing is the phonological process where a child replaces
sounds that are produced closer to the front of the mouth like “t” and “d” with sounds produced further back in the mouth like “k” and “g”.

In speech therapy, “t” and “d” are called the alveolar sounds because the alveolar ridge(the area of your gums behind the front teeth) is where the tip of the tongue touches to stop the airflow.

Examples of backing include:

  • “kop” for “top”
  • “gog” for “dog”
  • “gime” for “dime”

It is common for all children to make errors in speech as they are learning how to talk; however, the phonological process of backing is not typical.  If your child is producing a lot backing errors, you may want to consult a school / local Speech-Language Pathologist to see if they qualify for services.

Free no-prep, virtual, and downloadable options available!

Free SLP articulation word lists, flashcards with pictures, downloadable PDFs and more!

Materials target the Backing sounds in the initial, medial, and final positions!

Whether you are looking for printable, no-prep, or virtual materials, FreeSLP offers free backing sound activities for students of every level!

We hope these Backing articulation activities and exercises for speech therapy help your child / student learn how to make backing sounds!