Free SLP
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Isolation Level

Target the F sound at the isolation level with 3 different activities: Isolation Animation, Pop the Bubbles, and Click the Button!

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Syllable Level

Target F at the syllable level with our virtual flashcards!

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Word Level

We have three activities for targeting F at the word level: 1.) Classic flashcards with initial, medial, final, and mixed sets. 2.) Minimal Pair Sliders 3.) Name the Photos (Have the computer give you feedback on your sound productions!)

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Phrase Level

R phrase flashcards with sets targeting F in the initial, medial, final, and mixed positions!

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Sentence Level

Target F at the sentence level with our rotating sentences activity!

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Story Level

Our F story is full of F target sounds and tongue twisters! Read it yourself or play it out loud and then repeat it back!

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Conversation Level

We have two ways to target F at the conversation level: 1.) Silly story scenes full of F target words. 2.) Conversation starter questions.