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Compare and Contrast | Drag & Drop

Compare and contrast over 100 pictures while using our custom fill in the blank areas.

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Compare and Contrast | Rotating Pictures

Use our pre-made questions to help compare and contrast over 100 pictures!

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Compare and Contrast Questions

Our pre-made virtual compare and contrast flashcards are great for quick and easy therapy sessions!

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50 Compare and Contrast Questions

  1. Dogs vs. Cats
  2. Summer vs. Winter
  3. Rainforest vs. Desert
  4. Apples vs. Oranges
  5. Cars vs. Bicycles
  6. Dolphins vs. Sharks
  7. Day vs. Night
  8. Fiction vs. Nonfiction Books
  9. Pizza vs. Hamburgers
  10. Soccer vs. Basketball
  11. Birds vs. Butterflies
  12. Sun vs. Moon
  13. Mountains vs. Beaches
  14. Trees vs. Flowers
  15. Puppies vs. Kittens
  16. School vs. Home
  17. Lions vs. Tigers
  18. Earth vs. Moon
  19. Elephants vs. Giraffes
  20. Summer Vacation vs. Winter Vacation
  21. Dolphins vs. Whales
  22. Rain vs. Snow
  23. Breakfast vs. Dinner
  24. Zoo vs. Aquarium
  25. Fictional Characters vs. Real People
  26. Trains vs. Airplanes
  27. Circle vs. Square
  28. Farm Animals vs. Zoo Animals
  29. Birds vs. Fish
  30. Pizza Toppings vs. Ice Cream Toppings
  31. Trees in Spring vs. Trees in Fall
  32. Daytime Activities vs. Nighttime Activities
  33. Cars vs. Bikes
  34. Earthquakes vs. Tornadoes
  35. Flowers vs. Vegetables
  36. Superheroes vs. Villains
  37. Hiking vs. Biking
  38. Ocean vs. Lake
  39. Snowmen vs. Sandcastles
  40. Birthday Parties vs. Holiday Parties
  41. Pen vs. Pencils
  42. Swimming vs. Skiing
  43. Fictional Stories vs. Fairy Tales
  44. Dinosaurs vs. Dragons
  45. Rainy Days vs. Sunny Days
  46. The Sun vs. The Moon
  47. Playing Inside vs. Playing Outside
  48. Butterflies vs. Moths
  49. Christmas vs. Halloween
  50. Playing Alone vs. Playing with Friends