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In subject-verb agreement, “has” and “have” play different roles depending on whether the subject is singular or plural.

Singular refers to only one thing or person.  Like “The spaceship” or “The boy”

Plural refers to more than one thing or persons.  Typically we add an “s” at the end of a noun to show that there a more than one.  For example: “The spaceships“or “The boys

  • “Has” is used with singular subjects.
  • “Have” is used with plural subjects.

For example:

  • “He has a cat.” (singular subject, “he”)
  • “She has a book.” (singular subject, “she”)
  • “The dog has a bone.” (singular subject, “the dog”)

In contrast:

  • “They have three dogs.” (plural subject, “they”)
  • “The children have toys.” (plural subject, “the children”)
  • “We have apples.” (plural subject, “we”)