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Free SLP Medial F Materials, Games, Activities, Flashcards, and more!

Free SLP Medial F Materials, Games, Activities, Flashcards, and more!

FreeSLP offers tons of virtual SLP materials for the F Sound. To help target the F sound in the initial, medial, and final positions, we have created F Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect 4, Virtual Flashcards, Virtual Progression Cards, Battleship, Spot-It, Candy Land, Soccer, Painting, and more!
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We also have tons of free no-prep downloadable F sound materials. F sound printables that we currently have include: F Flashcards, QR Code Scavenger Hunt, Progression Cards, Spot-It, Word Finds, Tic-Tac-Toe, Bingo, Candy Land, Connect 4, Battleship and more! If you're looking for more engaging ways to teach the F sound, hopefully you find these materials helpful!
To view our all free F sound virtual games and materials, click below:

Virtual materials to target F from the isolation level all the way up to the conversational level! Whether you're targeting sounds at the word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, story, or conversational levels, we have free and engaging speech therapy materials for each!
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Yes, the F sound is a voiceless sound.

Yes, the F sound is a Labiodental?

Yes, the F sound is a fricative.

The F and V sound are produced exactly the same with one exception.  The difference between F and V is that the F sound is voiceless and the V sound is a voiced sound.

  1. Forest
  2. Football
  3. Fan
  4. Flamingo
  5. Fin
  6. Phone
  7. Fries
  8. Fun
  9. Flash
  10. Flag
  11. Flute
  12. Fluff
  13. Flower
  14. Flock
  15. Flinch
  16. Flip
  17. Flame
  18. Frown
  19. Fable
  20. Fringe
  21. Frost
  22. Flick
  23. Falcon
  24. Fudge
  25. Frill
  26. Fossil
  27. Free
  28. Four
  29. Flap
  30. Frog
  31. Fuzzy
  32. Five
  33. Frail
  34. Float
  35. Fumble
  36. Frolic
  37. Flake
  38. Fly
  39. Frame
  40. Fragile
  41. Frugal
  42. Fritter
  43. Fake
  44. Fiddle
  45. Pho
  46. Fidget
  47. Forehead
  48. Flicker
  49. Feline
  50. Fog

  1. Coffee
  2. Safety
  3. Taffy
  4. Muffin
  5. Snowflake
  6. Gift
  7. Waffle
  8. Trophy
  9. Sofa
  10. Coffee
  11. Offend
  12. Griffin
  13. Staff
  14. Effort
  15. Muffin
  16. Buffalo
  17. Dolphin
  18. Toffee
  19. Fluffy
  20. Raffle
  21. Sniffle
  22. Waffle
  23. Offer
  24. Muffler
  25. Baffle
  26. Office
  27. Puffin
  28. Buffet
  29. Tuffet
  30. Fifteen
  31. Cufflink
  32. Offense
  33. Afford

  1. Cough
  2. Elf
  3. Stuff
  4. Cliff
  5. Grief
  6. Fluff
  7. Chief
  8. Muff
  9. Cuff
  10. Leaf
  11. Roof
  12. Sniff
  13. Staff
  14. Brief
  15. Shelf
  16. Calf
  17. Tuff
  18. Hoof
  19. Proof
  20. Loaf
  21. Dwarf
  22. Stiff
  23. Off
  24. Puff
  25. Gruff
  26. Woof
  27. Oaf
  28. Buff
  29. Smurf
  30. Guff
  31. Duff
  32. Whiff
  33. Griff
  34. Huff
  35. Bluff
  36. Riff
  37. Jif
  38. Knife
  39. Beef
  40. Wolf

How to make the “f” sound:

  • Softly lower your upper-front teeth to your bottom lip
  • Turn off  your voice ( voice is the rumbling in your vocal folds.  Have your child/client place their hand on their/your neck during the production of “f” and “v”, and have them feel the difference between the two.  In the production of “f”, there should be no rumble or voicing.  While in the production of “v”, there should be a rumbling or voicing.)
  • While keeping your upper teeth on your lower lip, have the child blow out a stream of air.

Tricks and Tips for producing the “f” sound:

  • A fun way to practice is to take turns and  see who can make the best angry cat noises using the /f/ sound!
  • To visually show the child how air is released to produce the /f/ sound, hold a piece of string in front of their mouths, and have them try to move the string with the release of air.
  • If you have a board game that uses a spinner, have the child see if they can move the spinner using airflow from the /f/ sound.
  • Rip a stick of gum in half, and place half a stick on the child’s bottom lip.  Tell the child that they should lower their top teeth just enough to create indents on the gum without biting down thru the whole piece.  Repeat with the other half and continue until have enough gum to blow giant bubbles!

If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to produce the perfect F sounds; click the link below:

F Overview

Target the F sound at the isolation level with 3 different activities: Isolation Animation, Pop the Bubbles, and Click the Button!


Target F at the syllable level with our virtual flashcards!


We have three activities for targeting F at the word level: 1.) Classic flashcards with initial, medial, final, and mixed sets. 2.) Minimal Pair Sliders 3.) Name the Photos (Have the computer give you feedback on your sound productions!)


F phrase flashcards with sets targeting F in the initial, medial, final, and mixed positions!


Target F at the sentence level with our rotating sentences activity!


Our F story is full of F target sounds and tongue twisters! Read it yourself or play it out loud and then repeat it back!


We have two ways to target F at the conversation level: 1.) Silly story scenes full of F target words. 2.) Conversation starter questions.

F Virtual Materials

F Flashcards

F Progression Cards

F Soccer Shootout

F Paint

F Spot It

F Escape From Dragon's Dungeon

F Fish's Flight to Freedom

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F Summer Sundae Dash

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F Cupid's Valentines Candies

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F Train Track Dash

F Space Race

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F Build-a-Snowman

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F Tic-Tac-Toe

F Candy Land

F Connect 4

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F Treasure Hunt

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F Printables

Free no-prep, virtual, and downloadable options available!

Free SLP articulation word lists, flashcards with pictures, downloadable PDFs and more!

Materials target the F sound in the initial, medial, and final positions!

Whether you are looking for printable, no-prep, or virtual materials, FreeSLP offers free F sound activities for students of every level!

We hope these F articulation activities and exercises for speech therapy help your child / student learn how to make s sounds!